How to Clean a MIG Welder Liner

Every worker should know how to operate the tools and do the maintenances correctly. If you do not take care of your tools properly, then it is not possible to get the best service from the machines. And the same rule goes for the welders, and it is essential to take care of your welder machine. Today we are going to talk about how to clean a MIG welder liner.

If you are a welding worker, then you probably know what MIG liner is. The liner plays a vital role in welding, and if it does not work correctly, then you can get bad MIG welds. So, it is essential to clean the welding liner to get proper welding results.

If you are facing a problem during welding, then first check the welding tip. However, if the tip is okay, then you should check the welder liner. In this article, I try to find everything about MIG welder liner. If you have any questions about welder liner and other tools, then stay with us and read the full article to get your answers.

Some quick steps to clean a MIG welder liner:

  • At first use, the screwdriver to lose the liner nuts then carefully remove the MIG nozzles, tips, the diffuser, and cable from the liner
  • After removing these parts then remove the liner from the welding lead
  • Use high-pressure air through the lead to remove the debris
  • If the liner is okay, then put it back or replace it if you find any damage.

You can follow these simple rules to clean your welder. But if you are a novice and do not know what welding liner is, then here are the details.

Welding Liner

A MIG liner is a tube which helps the wire to go through the MIG gun to the contact tip. The liner makes sure that the wire can pass smoothly inside the MIG gun from one part to another. It also keeps the wire on the right path to provide suitable welding.

If the liner has an issue, then you will not get satisfying welding results, and it is the symptoms of bad MIG liner.

MIG Welder Liner Types

May you think that is MIG liner has any kind? Yes, there have a couple of different liners you can find in the market for the MIG welder. You have to choose which one you want to use for your welder. And every welder manufacturing company makes liners to specific welding wire sizes.

Steel coated liner

This kind of liner used for steel wire and these for worldwide. By using this liner, you can get the right balance of rigidity and flexibility. It also effectively increases the welding performance. This liner is suitable for mild steel welding and another type of steel. You can face a problem if you use a different kind of wire in this liner.

Liner For Aluminum

If you use aluminum wire, then you need to use this type of liner. By using this type of liner, you can weld smoothly. Aluminum wire also moves fast and makes less drag. Setup everything correctly to get the best experience with aluminum welding.

There have more liner types in the market, but these two types are popular and use all over the world.

Now let’s talk about how the liner gets dirty?

If your welding machine liner gets dirty, then you may face so many problems like the MIG welder tip keeps clogging. And the MIG welder wire stuck in liner because of the dirt.

First, we want to talk about neglect can make the liner dirty quickly. Liner also gets dirty if you do not clean it after regular use. The bending also can make problems wire the liner wire. If you do not bend properly, then you can get poor wire feed, and the liner can get dirty.

If you cannot install the liner properly, it can also get dirty very quickly. By twisting the cable during the trim, the liner to fit can make it short, and this can cause dirt inside the liner.

How to clean a MIG welder liner properly?

You can follow some simple ways to clean your welding liner. For effective welding results, you have to clean your liner every week.

Remove the liner nut

First, remove the welding wire and the welding tips from the MIG gun. Then use the spanner to unscrew the liner nut. Most of the welder machine comes with a spanner. And then remove the liner from the MIG gun.

Use Compress air to blow the liner

Most of the welder use compress air and explode inside the liner to clean the dirt. By using this way, you can push out the metal powders inside it and keep the liner clean.

Check the quality of the liner

Check the liner if it in the right condition to do welding. Because bad liner can cause more drag and slow wire feed.

You can also use MIG welder grease or nozzle gel to keep clean the liner, not only that the gel can work as a MIG nozzle cleaner. Because if you keep the weld nozzle cleans, the welder makes fewer splatters that’s mean less dirt.

The FAQ About Clean a MIG Welder Liner

1. How do you remove the liner from a MIG welder?

Answer: First, remove the wire and tips and then use the spanner to lose the liner nut and remove the liner.

2. How do you clean a MIG welder?

Answer: Compressor air commonly uses to clean the liner. The wind blows all the dirt from the liner and cleans it.

3. How do you put a liner on a MIG gun?

 Answer: First, pull out your old liner and push back the new liner inside the MIG gun. Keep some extra liner to cut and properly fit the tips.

4. How do you change the tip on a MIG welder?

Answer: Use some cutter to unscrew the tip then use the proper tip to connect with the MIG nozzle.


A clean liner is essential to get proper quality welding. And to keep the liner clean, you have to keep lean the welding nozzle and tips. Because of the MIG welder wire welding to tips that include MIG welder nozzle. So, you can also use MIG nozzle cleaning tools to keep the liner clean and get satisfying service from your welder.

Stay net and clean to get the best welding.

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