Best Pipeline Welder in 2020: An In-depth Review & Buying Guide

Pipeline welding is a very complex welding work and requires a specialized skillset. This type of job is different than regular welding works. To perform pipeline welding, you are going to need the best pipeline welder machines. With the low-quality welder, it is not possible to do pipeline welding.

If you want to do pipeline welding, then you need a powerful and perfect welding producer machine. To do these kinds of works, you need a lot of practice and make yourself a professional welder. The pipeline welding machine is not for beginner level workers. And you can find so many welders in the markets which is ideal for pipeline welding.

If you are looking for a best pipeline welder machine, then take a look at these top 5 pipeline welders.

  1. Lincoln Engine Driven Welder[Our Top Pick]
  2. Miller CST 280 Welding Machine[Best miller Pipeline Welder]
  3. Lincoln Ranger 305g Welder
  4. HOBART Champion Elite Welder Generator
  5. Hand-push Pipe Welder

Before we pick these 5 pipeline welders, my team and I research every single thing. We try to find which one can perform better in every situation. Because most of the pipeline welding is outdoor works and you have to face different environments. Sometimes you have to face hot weather and sometimes cold weather. All the welders we pick can perfectly work in hot and cold weather.

Quick Comparison For 5 Top Best Pipeline Welder




Duty Cycle



Where to Buy



602 pounds

50-250 amps

220/230V and 460/575V

35%, 50% and 100%

41 pounds

5-280 amps

120V and 240V


510 pounds

20-305 amps

120V and 240V


493 pounds

40-250 amps



105 pounds

300 degree Celsius

In this article, my team and I review welder machines and try to find the best welder for pipeline welding. If you read this full article, then you can find so much information about the pipeline welding machine you may want to know and clear your doubts. So stay with us and find out what you are missing. And you can also find what’s the best pipeline welder machine to do this kind of welding.

If you do not know what is pipeline welding, then there is little information about it.

What is pipeline welding?

The pipeline welding is to join and repair pipes. By joining two pipes, make a pipeline to transport water, gas, oil, and much more. That’s why the pipeline welding is so essential for city constructions. This welding work is one of the hardest, and you have to work in different weather.

Most of the pipeline welding are outdoor jobs. There has another way to join pipes and make a pipeline, but the welding is more covenants. Some of the units are automatic pipeline welding machines, and some units are manual. You can choose any welding machine to perform your pipeline welding.

Top 5 Pipeline Welding Machines Review

We also research the parts quality and welder performance. Every pipeline welder in this article has the best quality parts and comes with the best warranty supports. The performance also satisfying and the welders can serve you continuously. That’s mean all welders come with 100% of the duty cycle and best quality welding service.

It is hard to find a power source if you are working outdoors. And we try to find the machine come with the power source. Most of the pipeline welders we pick come with a generator to power the welder. Not only that the generator can supply power for light, another welder and other tools. And the generator gas tank size makes sure you can work the whole day.

If you are looking for the best pipeline welder then you can pick any of the welders from the list. And here the details about the welders we choose for you.

1. Engine Driven Welder- Best Lincoln Welder For Pipeline

At a glance:

This powerful welder made to do any kind of welding job. With this welder, you can do multiple welding works. This welder can run on AC and DC power supply, and it can generate its power. By using the welder power, you can run light, grinders, or high amperage tools. It also has an effective protection system and noise reducer design.


Engine Driven Welder Review

The ranger 250 GXT Engine Driven welder is one of the best Lincoln pipeline welders from Lincoln Electric. This welder has a robust design, and it can give satisfying welding results. And you can get three years of manufacturing warranty for parts and labor.

Multi-welding options

The welder has a multi welding option to perform various types of welding. You can use this welder as a MIG, TIG, and Stick welder. This welder produces the best quality welding result in every welding option. The welding option is easy to change, and you can use any of the welding processes any time you want. Besides these welding options, you can also use flux-cored welding and gouging welding.


The welder is powerful enough to perform heavy-duty welding jobs. This welder can run on AC and DC power supply. It has a 12-gallon tank to extend the run time. This welder has 11000 watts peak AC generator to power the plasma cutter or inverter welder. You can also use lights, grinders, and other tools. The machine can produce 10,000 watts continuously to do welding works.

You can run the welders by providing 240 voltages. By using this voltage, you can get 50 to 250 amperage output power. It also has an impressive duty cycle rate, and you can get 100% of the duty cycle by using maximum force.

Welding area

By using this powerful welder machine, you can weld various materials. This welder can comfortably weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and other metal. You can use this welder for large farms, big-projects, and other pipeline welding works.


If you are working with a powerful welder, then you are going to need serious protection. This welder has a fully enclosed case and three service access doors. And it also has a circuit breaker protection system to save the user from any kind of accident.

Low noise design

By using this welder, you can weld almost noiseless. This welder comes with a noiseless design, and it makes only 100.7 dB sounds during welding. This new Lincoln pipeline welding machine ideal if you want to weld quietly.

  • Multi-task welding options
  • 6-position output range selector
  • Can run on AC/DC power supply
  • Comes with remote control systems
  • Great protection and noiseless systems

  • Heavier than other welders


This machine is powerful enough to do any pipeline welding. The generator of this unit can make enough power for lights, new motor, welders, and other tools. And you can use this welder for multi-purpose, so you do not have to buy a new machine to perform a different kind of welding.

2. Miller CST 280 Welding Machine- Best Miller welder for Pipeline

At a glance:

This welder machine has a multifunction welding option. It has a simple control panel that anyone can control. This welder has a simple voltage changeover switch and new digital meter control. The welder comes with a remote control system, and you can control it from a short distance. This welder also lightweight than other welders and has a fan-on-demand cooling system.


Miller CST 280 Welding Machine Review

Miller Electric is famous for its welder machines. This welder is the best Miller pipeline welder comes with the best quality parts. If you buy this welder, then you can get 3-years of the manufacturing warranty.

Control panel

This welder has user-friendly control panels. Anyone can easily understand the functionality and operate it. This Miller pipeline welding machine comes with remote control systems. By using remote, you can control the TIG torch using two hook and loop fasteners. You can easily move the torch East/West and North/South.

The foot control also comes with remote control. You can control the foot pedal by using the remote. Altogether this welder has the most accessible control panels.

Multi-task welding option

The multi welding function increases the value of the welders. This welder has a multifunction welding option. You can use this welder as a Lift TIG welder and Stick Arc welder. This welder cam perfectly performs both of the welding processes with good quality welding results. And you can use any of the welding options depending on your needs.


This welder machine has three and single-phase input power supply systems. You can run this welder by using a 220/230V or 460/575V power supply. If you use a three-phase power supply, then you can get 35% of the duty cycle for 280 amps and 100% of the duty cycle for 200 amps. For a single-phase power supply, you can get 50% of the duty cycle at 200 amps and 100% of the duty cycle at 150 amps.

And this welder can provide the same duty rate for both of the welding options.

Cooling System

The welder machine has a perfect cooling system to save your welder and energy cost. Its cooling fan system only starts when needed. That’s means if the welder machine gets too hot, then the fan will start work, and it will off by itself after maintaining the temperature. These systems cut the power usages and reduce the noise.


The welder is lightweight and portable. This machine is only 41 pounds and has a handle to carry. You can easily move this welder place to place to do your welding works.

  • Comes with remote and wireless controls
  • Multi-task welding options
  • It has three and single-phase power supply systems
  • Comes with the fan-on-demand cooling system
  • Lightweight and portable

  • It does not have a MIG welding option


If you are looking for a user-friendly welder, then this welder is the best. This Miller welder can perform multi-task welding, and the welding result is satisfying. It also has remote control systems to move the torch, and you can use a wireless foot pedal to weld. You can easily carry this unit and do your welding works.

3. Lincoln Ranger 305g- Best Pipeline Welder Machine

At a glance:

This one is another best Lincoln welding machine for pipeline welding for your pipeline welding jobs. This welder machine has multi-process welding options. It also has a digital weld meter to monitor the voltage and wire feed speeds. The welder comes with a single-phase AC generator, and it can provide continuous power for welding.


Lincoln Ranger 305g Review

If you are looking for quality and powerful welder machine, then this welder is ideal for you. By using this welder, you can get satisfying welding results, and it also comes with three years of warranty.

Multifunction welding options

This welder machine has a multifunction welding option. You can use this machine as a MIG, TIG, and Stick welder. The welding options are easy to change, and you can use any of the welding processes depend on your needs. You can also use the flux-cored welding option for welding purposes. This machine can perform all welding process comfortably.


This welder is a powerhouse to complete your welding jobs. The welder comes with an AC generator that can power motor, light, tools, and other inverter welders. You can get 10500 watts peak output power from the generator, and it can provide 9500 watts continuously to complete welding.

You can use 120V and 240V to run the welder. At this power, you can get 20 to 305 amps of output power. And you can get 100% of the duty cycle for all kinds of the welding process.

Control panel

The control panel of this machine is not that complex. You can operate this machine by spending some time with it. This welder also has a digital display to monitor the voltage and wire feed speeds. The chopper technology of this machine provides an easy start and a smooth arc. It also makes low spatter and noise during welding. So you can weld without disturb by using this welder.

Welding area and fuel capacity

By using this welder machine, you can weld different materials. This welder is ideal for stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and other metal. You can use this welder for any kind of heavy-duty projects like a farmhouse, shipyard, pipeline, and other purposes.

This machine generator has a 12-gallon capacity tank to run the whole day.

Accessories Included

With this welder machine, you will get essential tools to perform weld. Beside welder, you can get accessory kits, LN-25 ironworker wire feeder, gun and cables, 5/65 inches inner-shield spool, and other equipment.

  • 4 in 1 multi-process welder
  • Digital weld meter to monitor the voltage and output
  • Comes with chopper technology
  • Low noise and low spatter design
  • Comes with 3-year of warranty

  • Heavy and hard to move place to place


This one is another Lincoln pipeline welder, and it can perform multi-task welding. If you want a welder machine can do almost all kinds of welding, then you can take this one. This 4 in 1 welder also has a digital control system to make welding easier. It also has chopper technology to make installation smooth. And if you do not like too much noise, then this welder is one, because it has noiseless and low spatter design.

4. HOBART Champion Elite Welder Generator- Gas Pipeline Welding Machine

At a glance:

This welder and generator machine is suitable to perform any kind of welding job. The generator can produce 11000 watts peak and 9500 watts continually to perform welding. You can also use light, motor, other welders, and tools from the generator power supply. The welder machine can weld n different types of materials and has a wide range of use.


HOBART Champion Elite Welder Generator Review

This pipeline welder machine can join various types of metals. The manufacturing company of this machine makes it powerful, and you can get 1/3/5 year of manufacturing warranty if you buy this unit.

All in one

You can use this machine as a generator and a welder machine. The generator can power the welder, light, and other tools. The welder is mainly designed to perform Stick welding, but it can also perform TIG welding. You can easily change the welding option anytime you want. By own this machine, you do not have to spend money separately for welder and generator.


This welder is powerful enough to run different tools. The generator of this machine can make 11000 watts peak and 9500 watts continually to run all the equipment. And the welder can use 120 volts or 240 volts to operate. At this input power supply, you can get 40 to 225 amps output power.

The welder can provide 100% of the duty cycle at maximum power. That’s mean you can work all day long by using this welder machine.

Control panel

The welder has a user-friendly control panel. It has an easy setup process to start welding as soon as possible. This welder has a digital engine hour meter to monitor the voltage and other processes. You can easily adjust the voltage and wire feed speed. It also has an engine control switch to adjust the engine speed. Two 20 amps circuit breakers protect this machine if any accident occurs.

Welding area

By using this welder machine, you can do various types of welding jobs. This welder is suitable for maintenance/repair, farm/ranch, fabrication, structural steelwork, and other welding works. And you can comfortably use this welder on stainless steel, steel, and other metals.


You can get essential tools with the machine as a set. With this machine, you can get a waterproof cover, running gear, electrode cable with holder, work clamp with cable, and other tools. All the accessories come inside a box.

  • All in one generator and welder machine
  • The generator can provide 11000 watts peak and welder can provide 225 amps output
  • Duty cycle rate is 100% at 225 amps
  • Lighter than same category machine
  • Easy control panel

  • Cannot perform MIG welding


If you want the best quality Hobart Stick and TIG welder, then you can buy this unit. This welder machine also has a generator included, and it can power lights, welder, and other tools. It can provide 100% of the duty cycle at maximum power, and the generator can provide enough ability to run the welder all day long.

5. Hand-push Pipe Welder- Orbital Pipeline Welding Machine

At a glance:

This welder machine is different than other welder machines. The machine has four rings with a manual control function. You can use this machine as a milling cutter, and this machine uses heat to join two pipes. This welder is one of the best pipeline welder machines and can work on different metals.


Hand-push Pipe Welder Review

Not like other machines, but can perfectly work on different pipes. This welder has all the quality body parts and performs various types of welding.

Control panel

This unit is four rings manual welder machine. All the function of this machine is manual, and you have to control it by yourself. But this machine is easy to operate once you know how to maintain the function. And this welder also easies to set up, and within a few minutes, you can start your welding work.


This welder machine needs 220 voltage input power to run. By using this power, you can heat the heater plate to 300 degrees Celsius and joint two pipes together. And this welder can take less than 20 minutes to reach the soldering temperature. You can also use this welder as a milling cutter.

This welder machine can perfectly work in different environments. You can use this welder if the environment temperature is as low as -5 degrees and high 40 degrees Celsius.

Welding area

By using this welder machine, you can easily weld PE and PP pipes. This welder machine can perfectly weld on steel and can perform aluminum alloy casting. You can also use this machine to weld PB, PVDF, HDPE, PVC pipes. And this welder can give you satisfying welding results for every type of material.

This machine can weld 2.48”, 3.54”, 4.33”, 4.92, 5.51”, 6.30”, 7.09”, and 7.87” thick pipe.


This pipeline welder machine not like other welder machines. You can easily carry this machine to your worksite and do your welding job. The weight is only 105 pounds and has a handler to carry. The welder is lighter than other welders in the same category.

Accessories included

This welder machine comes with all the essential tools as a set. If you buy this welder machine, then you can get a clamp frame, heating plate, milling machine, basket frame, screwdriver, little wrench, six screws, and other equipment.

  • It can run on 220 Voltage power input
  • The soldering temperature is 300 degree Celsius
  • Docking deviation is 0.3 mm
  • Lighter than other same category welders
  • Ideal for a different type of pipe welding

  • All functions are manual control


If you are looking for something different, then you can choose this welder. This manual welder can perfectly weld on various kinds of pipes. All control is manual, but you can get the best welding service by using it. You can also use this welder as a cutter. This welder comes with all the essential tools with it. You may like this unit if you want manual control.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing the Best Pipeline Welder Machine?

Before buying any pipeline welder machine, you have to consider so many things. Because the pipeline welding is not the same as regular welding jobs, it is hard to choose what's the best pipeline welding machine, and you can also find verity models of welder machines in the market. As we research, we find some points that you should think about before selecting the best pipeline welding machine.

Control panel

Try to get a welder with an easy control panel. Because complex control makes a mess, and it is hard to operate. The best pipeline welders nowadays have easy control panel. The easy control panel also crucial for the novice welder to learn welding work properly. Some of the welders come with remote and wireless control options, and it is easy to maintain a machine with remote.

So, try to get a welder with an easy control panel.

Welding options

Some pipeline welders have a multi-function welding option. The multi-process welders can save you money, and the welder can perform various kinds of welding. So, try to buy a welder in which one can do a different type of welding and serve you better.


Most of the pipeline welding worksite is outdoor. So, it essential to get a power source to power the welder and other tools. Some of the welder machines have generator included, and it can power so many devices you need for welding. And if the machine can power itself, then you do not have to worry about the power source. It is wise if you pick a welder with a generator.


The pipe welding is harder than the normal welding, and the welder should have enough ability to perform the welding. Before buying any pipe welder, you should check that is the welder has enough power to do your jobs.


Portability is essential when your worksite is not a fixed place, and you have to move around with your machine. Every pipe welders are heavy because they are for heavy-duty works. So, try a welder with an excellent portable option and lightweight.


The protection is the most important sector for welding. Because you can end up in a hospital if your welder does not have a proper protection system. So, before buying check which welder has the best protection system.

The best welders for pipe welding should have all the above features.


In the end, I hope you can find your suitable best pipeline welder machine. In this review, we try to find the best of the best welder machine you can see in the market. You already know what is the best pipeline welder machine should have if you read the full article.

As we research, we try to find which best welder for pipeline is and serve you better at the worksite. You can pick any of the pipeline automatic welder machine or the manual welder machine. Every welder we select in this review is the best pipeline welder.

So, pick a unit and start your welding journey. – Get daddy’s best ideas. Expert daddy is picking the best things from the web. Also, “daddy can fix anything” check your solution at the “Blog” section.