How to Increase The Duty Cycle of a Welder?

If you do welding, then you probably know about the duty cycle of the welder. And one of the essential sides of a welder is the duty cycle. Why the duty cycle is so important, you may ask? The duty cycle of the welder is important because welders welding capability depends on the duty cycle. And there have some ways to increase the duty cycle of a welder.

You can find so many brands welder in the market with different rates of the duty cycle. Some of them have a good percentage of the duty cycle, and some of them have a low percentage of the duty cycle.

Okay, let’s talk about some point of the duty cycle.

Duty Cycle in Welding

Welder welding performances depend on the duty cycle. That’s mean duty cycle define by how long you can do welding safely. After some time, you have stop welding to cool the machine parts. If you do not stop to cool the machine, then you can damage the welder, or you can fall into an accident. Some welder has an auto-stop system if the user exceeds the duty cycle limits.

What is the duty cycle of a welder?

The duty cycle is the specification of welder welding time, and it counts for a 10 minutes period. And the welder can safely weld until it reaches the duty cycle highest limits. Like if a welder comes with 20% of the duty cycle, that’s mean the welder can weld 2 minutes safely and you have to rest for 8 minutes to cool the welder.

How do you calculate the duty cycle on a welder?

To calculate the duty cycle of a welder, you have to count it for a 10 minutes time table. Within 10 minutes the welder can work safely for a time period, and you have to give it rest for a while. You have to count the duty cycle depending on the working time and resting time.

Some way to increase the duty cycle of the welder

You can increase the duty cycle of the welder by using low amperage power. Because at high duty cycle, the machine creates too much heat and stop working. If you low power to weld, then you can increase the duty cycle by 20 to 30%. Some of the welders can provide 100% of the welder at low amperage.

By reducing the heat, you can increase the duty cycle of your welder. The welder company increases its welder duty cycle by using cooling systems. If you use the cooling fan in your welder machine, then you can increase your machine duty cycle.


If you are planning to increase your welder, then its better if you choose one with a high duty cycle. Because not every time all plans can work properly. You may able to increase the welder duty cycle rate by using some method, but it can also put you in danger. So, before doing anything, always think about your safety first.

100 percent duty cycle welder

It is hard to find a welder with 100% of the duty cycle with powerful performance. But if you maintain some system with some welder, then they can provide 100% of the duty cycle. Like if you use your welder at low amperage power, then some of the welders can offer you 100% of the duty cycle. And the thickness of the metal has to be thin because you cannot work on thick metal with low amperage power.

100 percent duty cycle MIG welder

Usually, there is some MIG welder with 100 percent of the duty cycle at the highest amperage power. But you can find few MIG welders which provide 100% of the duty cycle with a pretty high level of the amperage power. And these welders are pretty expensive and the welding performance worth the price.

The Miller Electric has developed two MIG welders with 100% of the duty cycle. Both MIG welders can perform robust welding. The welder’s name is Continuum 350 and Continuum 500, and they both have so many advanced systems to provide the best quality welding. The first one can provide 100% of the duty cycle at 350 amperages, and the second one can provide 100% duty cycle at 500 amperages.

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100 duty cycles Stick welder

Not all welders can produce 100% of the duty cycle with the best quality welding. But the welder industries trying to develop welder with the height rate of the duty cycle. And there are few welder brands that can provide heavy-duty welding with 100% of the duty cycle. These welders are robust and produce the best quality welding result.

SIBIT is one of the best Stick welders which can provide 100% of the duty cycle at 500 amperages. This welder is a bit pricey, but you can do MIG and TIG welding by using this welder. And the quality and performance of this welder worth the price.

Esab welder duty cycle

The Esab industry made some quality welders. By using this welder, you can perform a different type of welding. This welder can provide you 20%, 40%, 60% of the duty cycle. And with this rate of duty cycle, you can do almost all kinds of metal.

MIG welder with the high duty cycle

If you are looking for a welder with a high duty cycle, then you can choose Millers welders and Thermal Arc® Power-Master 500. These welders are powerful and can give you 100% of the duty cycle. And they can perform multifunction welding.

What is a 60% duty cycle?

The 60% of the duty cycle means your welder can work safely for 6 minutes in 10 minutes, and you have to stop working for 4 minutes.

What MIG welder has the best duty cycle?

It is hard to say which MIG welder has the best duty cycle. Because you can find so many welders in the market with a reasonable rate of the duty cycle, but if you insist then you can look at the Millers welders, Hobart welders, and SIBIT welders.


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