DIY Welding Fume Extractor- An Complete Guide on Building welding Fume Extractor

Welding is a passionate work and it a lot of practice to be a professional welder. In the welding process, it creates a lot of heat and smoke, which can be dangerous to the human body. So, it necessary to wear all the safety equipment before welding and the smoke still is a problem if you are welding inside your garage. To get overcome the smoke today we are going to talk about how to build a DIY welding fume extractor.

In winter season it is not possible to weld outside and if you weld inside your garage without opening garage door then the room will be full of smoke. The smoke can cause a problem to your health and you can also end up in a hospital bed. By, reading this article you can figure out how you can vent smoke by building DIY welding fume extractor. A welding fume extractor can help you a lot with controlling hazardous fume and gases during welding.

If you stay with us until the end then you can get all the information about DIY welding fume extractor and how you can get the essential tools you need to build it. And we also are going to clarify everything about fume extractor if you do not know anything about it.

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What Exactly is a Fume Extractor?

Before building a Fume Extractor you need to know what the hack it is. A Fume Extractor is a process to pull out polluted air by helping a fan and keep the room healthy. There are various industrial works that create fumes and smoke like welding, sanding, grinding, powder filling, and other chemical applications.

The Fume extractor builds with multiple filters and a powerful fan. This device does not require a large space to set up and you can manage the maintenance with a small budget. Every part of the fume extractor is replaceable and it does not cost much. It also lightweight and you can easily change the filters.

By using a Fume Extractor you can weld inside your garage or workplace. This device is helpful during the winter and rainy season. Because of bad weather, it is not possible to weld outside and if you want to perform welding then you have to do it inside a room. And for the welding task, there will be a lot of smoke and gas which needs to vent to keep the air clean inside your garage.

So, if you are willing to stay inside and also perform welding then you should need a Fume Extractor to work properly. The DIY welding fume extractor is easy to set up and you can do it yourself with a medium level of welding experience. And a fume extractor can help you to work inside and complete your welding task.

How do Fume Extractor works?

You may think that does DIY welding fume extractor really work or it just a scam. I can assure you that the DIY welding fume extractor works perfectly and many professional welders recommend this because you can skill up by building your fume extractor. The working process of a fume extractor is simple and easy to understand.

The Fume Extractor vents the some and fumes from the room which produces by welding. You can place the flexible arm at the direction you are welding and get relief from smoke and gas. The fan of the extractor vents the air outside through the duct pipe. And you can place it anywhere in any direction you want.

How to Build a DIY welding Fume Extractor?

To build a DIY welding fume extractor you are going to need some tools which you can get from your local store or punch from an online store.

You are going to need an attic fan, a 12 inch to 10-inch adapter, a 10 inch to 8-inch adapter, and an 8 inch to 6-inch adapter. With these tools, you are also going to need 25 feet of 6 inches flexible ducting and a 6 inch 90 and 5 foot of 6-inch solid duct.

After having all these tools you can start to build your extractor. First, you have to make some metal brackets to support the fan when mounted to the shop. Make the bracket that you can swing the fan to vent inside air. Now to you need to attach all the adapters and connect the flexible duct. After that use the solid duct to connect the fan.

You can use a screw to make the connection strong. When you complete the installation you are going to need current to make it work. Now connect the fan with switch and for test switch on the fan. If the fan work then you are good to go.

You can do all this with a small investment and complete the set up within a day.

Why do you need a DIY welding fume extractor?

There are many reasons that you need a DIY welding fume extractor to do your work properly. The fume extractor keeps your air clean inside the room and prevents poisonous gas to harm you. In winter it is not possible to work outside and people usually do not go out for the snow and bond cold.

So, it is important to have a fume extractor if you are willing to do welding, grinding, or chemical-related work. The welding tasks create a lot of smokes and release poisonous gas which is harmful to breathe and create interference on your work. So, make welding possible inside your garage during winter you are going to need a fume extractor to vent fume outside of your room.

DIY welding fume Extractor Cost

The fume extractor cost depends on your needs. Because of the big space, you are going to need extra tools or for normal space, you can use the regular one. If you are planning to buy a fume extractor from the local store or online then cost can be varied by size and efficiency.

Ready-made and portable fume extractor can cost your 550 to 3000 dollar and some items cost more. But DIY welding fume extractor costs you less than you think. Professional welders say DIY fume extractor can cost you 50 dollars to 200 dollars plus. And after you build the extractor you do not have to invest too much money for maintenance.

DIY Welding Fume Extractor Benefits

There is various benefit of fume extractor and it can help you to work properly. By building a fume extractor you can focus on your work and stay healthy. Here are some benefits you can get from a fume extractor.

Keep you inside during winter

In winter it is hard to work outside and during snowstorms it impossible to go outside. And if you are willing to weld in winter then you have worked inside your garage. To make it possible to weld inside your garage you are going to need a fume extractor. The fume extractor lets you work inside your garage even outside is a stone-cold.

Vent polluted air 

The main work of a fume extractor is vent poisonous air out of your room and keeps the air clean. Welding works create a lot of smoke and produce poisonous gas. The fume extractor vents the smoke and gas outside of your room and lets you focus on welding. To vent polluted air it is essential to have a fume extractor.

Save welding

Welding gas and smoke can cause you a lot of breathing problems and harm your health. By venting the smoke and poisonous gas outside of your room the fume extractor keep you safe. And also let you work for a long time with focus.

Easy installation process

The DIY welding fume extractor is easy to install and it takes a small space to keep. If you have a medium level of welding experience then you can build your fume extractor at home and weld whenever you want. You can also find all the necessary tools at your local store. By having all the tools at your hand you can build a fume extractor within a day.

Affordable and low maintenance 

Some of you think that fume extractor costs a lot of money. In reality, the full fume extractor project can cost you only 50 dollars to 250 plus dollars depending on your space requirement. This is affordable to most of the people I think. After building an extractor you do not have to invest too much money in maintenance. Because the parts of the fume extractor are super easy to change and it also cheap.

Pros and Cons of the DIY welding fume extractor


  • Let you weld during winter and bad weather
  • Vent out smoke and poisonous gas produce by welding
  • Keep the air clean and save you from getting hurt
  • Easy installation process and take small space of your garage
  • Cheap, affordable, and low maintenance cost


  • For large space, you are going to need some powerful and expensive tools
  • Need to change the filter frequently after use

DIY welding Fume Extractor-Final Thought

After reading this article I hope you know everything about fume extractor and you can build yourself at your garage. The DIY welding fume extractor is the only cheap solution for winter welding works. By having your extractor you can repair bikes and do auto body work inside your garage.

But it all up to you to build DIY fume extractor or buy a readymade one. If you also looking for some welding machine then you can visit our Amico welder reviews- Top 10 Amico Welders in 2020 for beginner level welder and Best Pipeline Welder for the professional worker. – Get daddy’s best ideas. Expert daddy is picking the best things from the web. Also, “daddy can fix anything” check your solution at the “Blog” section.